Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Las Vegas & Back with a FREEBIE!

Wow What a week! Last week Peggy (Primary Flourish) and I took a road trip! Off to Vegas we went on a 6 hour road trip. I call it a road trip since we stopped many times on the way and we found the most interesting facts in the restroom at rest stop.

Sun Dial -It was 9:00am when I took this picture
Fun Fact:
Did you know that the desert tortoise recycles the water from his urine? 

We finally reached Las Vegas and let me tell you I had not been there for many years (many, many  years) and it has certainly changed. Its bigger, the buildings are bigger, and closer! I was like the country bumpkin in the big city. Little did I know this would be the beginning of many more overwhelming moments.

As a little fish in the big sea of TpT Sellers it was an awesome time and event. I have to admit I was more than a little star struck as I met "The Bloggers" and some of the top sellers. I was so excited I forgot to even get pictures as it was hard enough to even speak to some of them. (My problem not theirs). But I found that they were very much regular people, down to earth and much like the people I know through their blog. I mean it was so great when I won a certificate for a blog make over from A Day in Blogger Design, and then Christy from Fluttering through First Grade turned around and said "That's great, Pauline". (or something like that...I don't know which surprise was more exciting, winning or being recognized by one of my favorite blog teams!!) LOL

The seminars were so informative and/or reassuring that I was on the right track. It was so hard to pick which seminars to attend and talking to other people I don't think there was a bad one. Here is the ones I attended with my #1 item I learned.
1. A to Z, Master the Basics: at Fluttering through First Grade with Tammy and     Christy.  Be deliberate with a plan. Schedule your time to work on your             products. Make them Quality
2.Beginning Blogging: at Miss Kindergarten, with Hadar Maor.
     Have a blog that looks professional, find your voice and be real, Don't use it      just for marketing, and use social media to connect it to your followers.
3. Winning at Facebook (My most confusing task): at Corkboard Connection with     Laura Candler.  Post daily, (did you know you can schedule posts?) AND post     things that get people to respond back, like questions or giveaways where         they need to like or follow your page.
4. Ready, Set, Grow: at I'm Lovin Lit with Erin Cobb. Work at it! but keep your       balance within your life. Stay Humble. It is Quality that counts. (This was the     theme with every successful TpT-er, so I think it must be worth noting).

I know you have read more detailed storied with great pictures, so let me just say It was a great conference in every way. From the true support from Paul Edleman and the TpT Team to newbies like me, everyone felt connected like a family. It was a energized time and I came away with a 'list of 'ToDo's' and the feeling of being a part of something I can grow with. Plan to go next year if you can.

Now if you have survived my prattle of feelings about the conference, let me update, as promised, my game Bowling for Numbers reworked, and there is a FREEBIE at the end as your reward.

In part one we played my made-up game where the person with the highest number rolled received a point. But there was no end to the game and little fun for my competitive players. They had to agree on a play until amount of points. The game seemed to end very quickly.


Then another epiphany... I wrote all the numbers that could be rolled on the white board and they had to cross out the number (product) as they rolled and when all the numbers were crossed out, that was the winner. This meant they had to roll numbers over and over, and gaining practice as many numbers are repeated.

Excuse the dirty carpet. This is not my room! I now have tile floors, which I do not like. It's very noisy, but better than old filthy carpet.

Suddenly this was the game to play. I think the jumbo dice and bouncing them on the wall was a definite FAV factor.

So created a recording sheet so I wouldn't have to write the answers each time. We put the sheet in a page protector and used wipe board markers in order to conserve paper. (Another FAV factor)

Recording for Multiplication
Recording for Addition/Subtraction

So if you would like to play this game here is the FREEBIE!

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