Monday, August 4, 2014

Are You Ready for a Back to School Sale?

Hi All! It's Sale Day!
I know that I have been looking forward to this sale...
My buying list is long!!
There are so many wonderful products that it makes it hard to choose.
20% off my store items + 10% extra from TpT = 28% offand don't forget to use your TpT points for extra $$$ off, earned by leaving comments!CODE: BTS14Meanwhile...
I have been working on updating some of my products.
I have recently learned how to make editable sheets and the first thing I wanted to so is make my Detective Word Wall Sets Editable.
So if you have purchased them go back and download them again.
 TpT Store 

TpT Store

TpT Store

And here is a little secret....
Are you ready?
I have been working adding to one of my best sellers,
My Phonetic Spelling Ruleswhich meets CCSS Reading Foundation skill for
kindergarten through 5th grade.
RF.K.3, RF.1.3, RF.2.3, RF.2.3, RF.3.3, RF.4.3, RF.5.3

and I have added more posters,
a Teacher (and Parent) Easy Reference Sheet,
a generic worksheet for practice, and a
6 page mini booklet or rule pages to use in an interactive notebook.
I'm going to wait to mark it up until after the sale.So you'll want to get it now!
This is a great reference,
letting you in on all the rules for when and why words are spelled that way.
When do you use C, K or is it CK?
Is it ou or ow? Does power follow the rules or is it an exception?
Many of the "exception" words really are following the rules.
I used these posters and cheers last year and my scores
improved in language arts.
Need math items?
 Here are some of my new items to check out.
Number Posters with # 1-30.Each poster visually depicts the Number
the Number Word,
The 10-frame for each number,
and Dominos showing the dot patterns.

and in addition to these very helpful posters,
I've included mini cards for individual set to put on a ring,
and a matching game to play.
and my latest product I made for my class, who were having
difficulty comparing numbers and using the correct symbol.
This Multi-leveled Less or Greater Clip-it Activity has students
practice choosing and
reading the symbol in a sentence.
And it has 2 Editable pages!

Multiple options

And oh so fun! Who doesn't like clothespins?
Happy Shopping Everyone.
I hope you will take a moment to check out my store.
Email me if you have any questions.

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