Saturday, August 16, 2014

Something New and an Organizing Tip

WoW I finally have a day without a plan! Err maybe that should be without appointments and commitments! This summer has been busier that most summers...but all good! Just not checking those things off my 'ToDo' List very quickly!

We all know someone who is lucky. I mean they always win, sometimes they don't even have to enter and they win! I'm not that person. I never win. My husband wins a lot of the time, but he was not with me at the TpT conference. Any winning to be done, It had to be done on my own.

 I did it.  Well I didn't have to do anything, but I won.!
 And Here it is my new Look!
Yes I won 50% off of a blog makeover from Tales from a Blog Designer.

I have to say Tessa was wonderful to work with. She was patient with me in all my indecisiveness! Hey it is not easy and it is such a commitment! She gave me a couple of designs to start. I vocalized my likes and dislikes, and after maybe 3 tweaks she had my vision and knocked it right out.

What do you think?
It's the perfect mix of coastal and whimsy.

ANd on to my tip... Although I am sure I'm not the only one who thought of this.

As I have been adding sets to my TpT Store , I began building a Binder of each pack for a reference. Well I would "steal" pages from it to replace something gone missing or for a quick use. I also found that I was going in and out of my store to check a price, or what I said about a particular product especially when I was loading up a new product.

Now several people have put together a binder of forms to help keep track of things (I have a couple of them and I love them!) However they only work if you use them and they don't have the detail I sometimes want such as the description I wrote.
I went to my store and I printed out all of my product information pages
 and put them in my TpT binder!
Now I have all my product info at my fingertips.
The description,
number of pages,  
the Standards I referenced, etc.
It made it so easy.

So there it is. Something simple to make life a little simpler.
I hope someone was helped by this.
I you were...let me know.
Or did it help spark another idea?

My newest getting ready to be loaded
is another Detective Themed Pack.
available in green  or blue chevron to match
 my other DetectiveThemed products.

Mini Cards both in color  or print black ink ones on bright cardstock...

31 Posters...

44 Activity cards....

also a Workmat, Directions and Idea page, and I can statement cards.
Meets Kindergarten and First Grade Common Core Standards and would be good as remedial for Second Graders.

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