Saturday, September 20, 2014

What a difference a year makes...

I just finished my 3rd week and already I am doing things that I haven't been able to do for the past couple of years. The past few years have been really difficult. You know the kind that has you thinking maybe I'm done, maybe I need to move on. But my heart kept saying no, and I removed the fun, the fluff, the extras, buckled down, and barreled on. I loved the kids, but the maintenance was much.

But the year of reprieve has arrived. I have a much smaller class, and although I still have the low and high and vast gap between, they are sweet, and funny. 
Transitions don't take 30 minutes. 
I am early everywhere because we can line up and go and don't have issues that have to be dealt with. I keep asking myself, "What should I be doing right now?" as they are working quietly. 

I used Miss-Kindergarten's School Cool Craft for my Back to School Bulletin Board.

We started out the year with Wembly Worried by Kevin Henkes, using
 1st Grade Hip Hip Hooray
Back to School Unit. 
I can always count on these creative teachers for good ideas.

Meanwhile I have been working on things for my Phonics Notebook. We are doing our vowel sounds so I quickly threw together 2 pages for the short and long 'I'. I was going to use a six for the short i so I made the flap to say 'six. However, I changed my mind a did a chicken but forgot to change the word from six to chicken. 

Fast forward to the next morning when I realize the mistake. I admittedly told the class of my error that happen because I had hurried to fast and didn't check my work. 
 (I figured I would get a lesson in there) 
They were soooo cute. 
They said that's okay Mrs Pretz, we all make mistakes! [Blushing]

I told them we could fix it by crossing out the word six and write the word chicken. 
But, and this is how great my class is this year.... ready....
Someone said, "Well we could draw six eggs."
And someone else said,"Yeah, then we could write chicken on the inside."
And then someone added, "Cuz the chicken lays eggs!"

So that is what we did!

What a difference a year makes!!

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