Sunday, October 5, 2014

October Currently and a Treat!

I can not believe it!
 Well I can't believe it is October, but that is not really it!
I am already late joining in on the October Currently.... But you don't even know how late...
because when I downloaded the October page
 (and isn't it cute) 
I realized that I did but never posted September's!!!!

 Maybe it was the heat...

maybe it was a time warp

you know like the Twilight Zone?

Maybe I have no idea, but I seem to becoming back to my senses.

So here is my October contribution to Currently.
(we are just going to let September stay quietly in the background somewhere)

a Freebie!
Listening: Even though it is in the 80's, here along the coast, there is something about hearing football games that you just feel fall-ish. Okay I am not running for my sweaters just yet. Fall in Southern California means going to school with temperatures at 58 degrees and lunchtime at 78 degrees. Yep! The layered look has a whole different meaning here.

Loving that conferences are over. The anticipation of meeting new parents always puts me in the state of jitters. Mine went very well this year. Nice parents of nice children!

Thinking that if it is October, then the holidays will quickly be here. I want to be ahead of the game this year; In my class and in my life. I really am excited about Christmas with a 1 year old! So fun!! and Nana gets to spoil her.

Wanting: I would like to get some technology for my littles to use individually. I am at a small school and we don't have much in resources, especially in the younger grades, including a resource person. I have been told if I submit a list of what I want/need they would see what could be done. I have one desktop, a projector, and a document camera. I am using my i-pad with the projector and doc camera, but that still isn't putting it in the kids hands. I said I rather get i-pods or i-pads or??? for the kids to use, instead of a smart board. Help!!! Any advise?

Needing nothing really. Time would be nice. Time to do all the ideas and plans that bounce around in my head! Maybe that is what happened to September???

Treat: I am working on more of my Phonics sets. I have started one for my Interactive Journal for the Difference between Short and Long Vowels. So my treat is a preview of 2 pages. I hope you can use them. 

Thank you Farley for keeping this going. It's so fun to hear what others are doing!

 Farley's Currently
Farley's Currently

Happy Fall where-ever you are!


  1. Thank you for your kind words and sorry I am late in posting. Lucky for you that your conferences are over...I always get nervous and stressed over them. It somehow never gets easier. Have you tried to post a project on Donors Choose? I have been very fortunate to get 3 ipods for a listening center and 1 extra iPad (I use my personal one and one that the school purchased). I am crossing my fingers for a short throw projector so that I can use the SMARTBoard that was given to me by another teacher better. Best of luck on getting more technology into the classroom.
    Kindergarten To The Core

  2. So jealous your conferences are over... mine are this week. I enjoy meeting with parents, but there is a lot of prep work to be done! I just got a new Learn Pad a couple of weeks ago for my classroom. I haven't really dug in and used it much, but it has a lot of potential!
    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Get more info at my blog!

  3. Hi Pauline! Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Liebster Award! I am now following your fantastic blog. You can check out your nomination and read the instructions for how to accept here:

    Have a great week!