Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ho, Ho, Ho Let the Season Begin

With Thanksgiving over, Christmas must be around the corner. I have been busily working in my little workshop  classroom to get a jump on this month. I have planned, copied, prepped, and stacked everything, well almost for the the next 3 weeks. I am determined that I am going to have family time this year.  I want to get my tree and decorations up before 3 days before Christmas Eve! Lofty goals but that explains my absence from my Blog. I've missed everyone and am grateful for those who have not forgotten me.
 TpT Store
Teachers Pay Teachers
Meanwhile, I have been readying my TPT store for the BIG Cyber Sale
 (I think I have been shopping more!)

I have updated my Calendar cards to include 2015 and 2016.

I have updated my Candy Cane Pack
I have also add a new phonics set.
It helps teach short and long vowels.
It also shows how vowels effect words as well as how syllables effect vowels.
Its a growing set, so get it now 
at this low price.
It's a good partner to my Phonetic Rules for Spelling
 Other Christmas Sets
 The Christmas Tree
The Christmas Tree
the Nativity

Ask Me a Clue..
Tell me a Guess!
This is a quick filler that I have been doing and have seen great benefits. 
I have someone pick a number between X and X. We started with 0 to 20, 
but we are now doing numbers between 40 and 70 or greater. 
Note that I do not write in all the numbers until we get closer to guessing the number.  
Now the rule is they have to ask a clue first before making a guess. 
This was not easy at first but as we have learned math strategies they are better at asking good clues. AND  I can tell the strategies are starting to make sense to some. They are also learning to ASK not tell a clue. Is it less than __? or Does it have a __ in the ones place? is better than '4' or 'Its bigger or smaller than __'.
They now try to guess the number in less that 4 clues.
We did it last week in 3!!

Countdown till Christmas break...19 days
 ( only 15 school days)

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