Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year w/ Jan. 2015 Currently!

Happy New Year!
I don't do New Year Resolutions because I am not good at keeping them.
I start out with good intentions...and all-out effort.
But as time goes on it is to hard and I sink back into my comfort zone.
However, I am going to try to do better at blogging. This is how bad I was last year.
I just realized that I did the last two months of Currently,
but forgot didn't even realize that I didn't post them!! DuH

lOh Boy 4th Grade Currently!
So as a New beginning...
A New year's effort...
I'm joining Farley at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade's Currently...
Here is my January 2015 Currently!!
AND I WILL post it!

Listening: Shark Tank...Love this show. I always think "Why didn't I think of that!" 

Loving: Being a Grandma is more than I ever thought it would be. And Now that Sadie is 1 week shy of her first birthday, we are having so much fun. She is walking, playing with toys and beginning to put sounds together to say words.

Thinking: Where did Christmas Break go? I have had so much fun meeting up with friends and family, reading non-teaching books, and putzing around the house. 
(I even spent a whole day in my P.J.s!)

Wanting: Black Boots! Bought a pair last year...Cheap ones...not good. 

Needing: Only 2 days left of vacation. One school starts back...well If I don't put away decorations now it maybe next Christmas before I get to it. Need anymore explanation???

Yes: Get rid of the cookies!!I love making Christmas Cookies and giving them to friends. I love baking with my daughter. I really love eating them. Odd things is, I am not a cookie eater except at Christmas Time. 
Maybe: I need to get back to walking. But I hate cold weather! (Hey we had snow in Southern California this year and it was 29 degrees this morning) I really become comatose is cold weather. I cannot function. I read, eat, and drink hot chocolate and coffee.  Hibernation would be better.
Wish: Blogging 101 needed and more time.

Your turn...
I'll be back.