Tuesday, April 21, 2015

EOY Stress Free tip & Rafflecopter

EOY or End of Year
I am closing in on the Countdown days to begin.. and I am ready! 
Not to see the kids gone.
Not the end to another year teaching, planning, re-planning
Not to the end of leaning from my littles
but to lazy, stress free days!
No deadlines
No 50 things in my head at once.
Not feeling like cleaning?...it can wait! I've got all summer!

But I still have to get through the next 34 days!!
So to help you get through the next few days, weeks, or months,
I have joined with some Super Teachers to give you
 4 (four) chances to WIN!

1 - $75 Amazon Gift Card
1 - $40 Target Gift Card
1 - $25 Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card
1- $20 Starbucks Gift Card
then continue reading for the Linky tips for ending the year Stress Free!
Enter here, Sit Back and Relax, the winner could be YOU!
So here is my 3 super tips to share
1. Begin Packing Early. Get boxes now and be sure to label them.
Put like things together. I even label box with
Beginning of the Year, Middle of the Year, and End of the Year.
2. Purge files as you pack them.
Use the extra and unused work sheets as review.
Kids love redoing old worksheets (if the notice) and feeling so much smarter!
3. While your are purging, get rid of old supplies and posters, etc.
They can be used as incentives, rewards for contests, or your class store.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Five for Friday but it's really Saturday

I have never joined Five for Friday, so this will be my first! 
It is alway my plan to join, but I either forget to take pictures 
or I can't think of anything to really blog about, and therefore I don't!
These are excuses but they are real. 
So without anymore waiting, 
...I'm jumping in. 

The week before Spring Break we started our unit on Plants. After dissecting a lima bean we decided to plant one. I wanted to show how the roots grow down and the leaves grow up so I thought I would try "growing it in a baggie" taped to my window. 
[We had already shown how to make rain in a baggie on my window]. 
I put the seeds in the baggie in different positions. 
The first picture was after 5 days and the 2nd picture was on our first day back, 10th day. 
Kids were super excited
 My daughter told me she had tried Oatmeal in a Jar. 
I had seen it on Pinterest but thought "Oh sure! How good could cold oatmeal be?" 
Well let me tell you it is really good and really easy! 
And I am not looking at that donut in the school office quite the same.
 I can't lie. 
I still want the donut.
Walk Away...
On Tuesday, the PE teacher was out!
So I did what any prepared teacher would do...
GO NOODLE to the rescue!
Kid's loved it and I got my workout in too!

Go Noodle

Thank you Jamie Huerta at Laugh Love Teach Learn for your Strong Sentences! product.
 I used them this week to review for our Terra Nova Testing and my littles L-O-V-E-D them, especially the flip books.
It made it real easy for me to assess who was still having trouble identifying Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives. We are excited about building STRONG sentences next week!
I'll post pictures next week. 
And last, I got to pick up this little cutie at Daycare.
Undaunted, after spilling a bucket of water, 
she's off looking for more adventures!
Keeping Nana Busy

for you to share your week.
Have a great weekend.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Easter Break is over!

It's Sunday Night count down and my head is spinning trying to back in the game. I have really enjoyed my 10 days off this year and it was very much needed. 
I did work on a few things, so I know I am prepared for the week, 
But I haven't emotionally accepted the idea that tomorrow I have to get up at dark and get going!

We have one week before our big testing begins, so that gives me a week for review!
Or to get their brains fire-up and working after 10 days off!

The week before spring break we started our plant unit. We studied the lima bean by dissecting one. We logged our observations, drew the inside of the seed with its baby plant, and "planted" beans.

I purposely put the beans in different directions to show how the 'smart' plant knows that the roots grow down and the leaves will turn and go upward

I popped in during the middle of the week of my break and realized I had forgotten to take the baggie of planted seeds off the window.

But WOW they were really growing!

I had a lightly wet paper towel (soil) in a sealed ziplock bag (rainy environment) taped to an east facing window (morning sun).

I can't wait to see what it looks like 4 days later.

Although is that mold also growing??
Yikes! That would not be so good.
Well it will be more to talk about and ponder...

While I was in my class, I decided to re-arrange my desks differently. I had them in pods of four. They are now in an E shape but still have their supple crates nearby.
I hope this will cut down on the chattiness. And I think it will help some of my littles with focusing and seeing the board. This arrangement has more students facing the board without having to turn their heads.

Turning heads seems to misplace information and makes copying a slow process.

Well that's it. Thanks for letting me collect my thoughts with you.
If you are starting back tomorrow... Best wishes! And if you have already had a week or two behind you, Pray for us returning to the trenches.... with Butterfly excitement.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Currently April, Oh My!

It seems as though I have been absent for a long time, and I have in blog-time. I haven't posted since January's Currently! otherwise known as the last school break. It has been a crazy, wild year and I have to admit I was REALLY READY for our Easter Break to arrive.

So I have enjoyed the family gatherings for Easter, time with my little granddaughter, and read 2 books and am beginning to feel ready to face the world again. AND what better way, but to blog with my much missed friends and catch up. Soooo to get started here is my April Currently. (Thank you Farley for keeping this going!)

LISTENING: Quiet, Shhhh, Ahhhhhhh :D

LOVING: We had a big family get together this year. Most of the "kids" now are getting married or have someone special to bring as well as new little ones, so the family easily doubles. But it was fun.
THINKING: My to-do list(S) are too long and too many that I don't even know how to tackle them. So I read another book. Today I am going to pull a task out of a hat and begin.  Now where is a hat???

WANTING: Tired of the same thing in my closet. Need some new pick-me-up-and-make-me-shine clothes or at least 10 pound thinner!

NEEDING: My previous post hint at my year so I won't dwell. Just breathe is my mantra (as is God give my strength, patience, ...) I love the kids! But differentiated teaching is taking on a whole new meaning in my class this year.

EGGS-PLAIN YOUR NAME: My explanation is really a simple, boring one. Basically I couldn't think of a creative catchy name. I teach 1st grade, so I thought that would be helpful and My school is on the coast (well 10 minutes inland). I live 5 mins from my loved ocean and that's about it. Now my sometimes used nickname P-squared is a different story!
I have 6 more days of whatever comes my way to enjoy. Hope you are enjoying yours, and if you
already had your break, I pray for a good end of the year for you. Hang in there.

Now if you haven't joined this month Currently link up, It's now your turn.
Go to Oh Boy, Fourth Grade and grab the template, add your tid-bits and post.
I can't wait to read it!
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