Tuesday, April 21, 2015

EOY Stress Free tip & Rafflecopter

EOY or End of Year
I am closing in on the Countdown days to begin.. and I am ready! 
Not to see the kids gone.
Not the end to another year teaching, planning, re-planning
Not to the end of leaning from my littles
but to lazy, stress free days!
No deadlines
No 50 things in my head at once.
Not feeling like cleaning?...it can wait! I've got all summer!

But I still have to get through the next 34 days!!
So to help you get through the next few days, weeks, or months,
I have joined with some Super Teachers to give you
 4 (four) chances to WIN!

1 - $75 Amazon Gift Card
1 - $40 Target Gift Card
1 - $25 Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card
1- $20 Starbucks Gift Card
then continue reading for the Linky tips for ending the year Stress Free!
Enter here, Sit Back and Relax, the winner could be YOU!
So here is my 3 super tips to share
1. Begin Packing Early. Get boxes now and be sure to label them.
Put like things together. I even label box with
Beginning of the Year, Middle of the Year, and End of the Year.
2. Purge files as you pack them.
Use the extra and unused work sheets as review.
Kids love redoing old worksheets (if the notice) and feeling so much smarter!
3. While your are purging, get rid of old supplies and posters, etc.
They can be used as incentives, rewards for contests, or your class store.

1 comment:

  1. I love purging! I give some of the things to my "future teachers" in the class who play teacher at home!
    Thanks for linking up and enjoy the last leg of the year.
    Fancy Free in Fourth