Sunday, April 12, 2015

Easter Break is over!

It's Sunday Night count down and my head is spinning trying to back in the game. I have really enjoyed my 10 days off this year and it was very much needed. 
I did work on a few things, so I know I am prepared for the week, 
But I haven't emotionally accepted the idea that tomorrow I have to get up at dark and get going!

We have one week before our big testing begins, so that gives me a week for review!
Or to get their brains fire-up and working after 10 days off!

The week before spring break we started our plant unit. We studied the lima bean by dissecting one. We logged our observations, drew the inside of the seed with its baby plant, and "planted" beans.

I purposely put the beans in different directions to show how the 'smart' plant knows that the roots grow down and the leaves will turn and go upward

I popped in during the middle of the week of my break and realized I had forgotten to take the baggie of planted seeds off the window.

But WOW they were really growing!

I had a lightly wet paper towel (soil) in a sealed ziplock bag (rainy environment) taped to an east facing window (morning sun).

I can't wait to see what it looks like 4 days later.

Although is that mold also growing??
Yikes! That would not be so good.
Well it will be more to talk about and ponder...

While I was in my class, I decided to re-arrange my desks differently. I had them in pods of four. They are now in an E shape but still have their supple crates nearby.
I hope this will cut down on the chattiness. And I think it will help some of my littles with focusing and seeing the board. This arrangement has more students facing the board without having to turn their heads.

Turning heads seems to misplace information and makes copying a slow process.

Well that's it. Thanks for letting me collect my thoughts with you.
If you are starting back tomorrow... Best wishes! And if you have already had a week or two behind you, Pray for us returning to the trenches.... with Butterfly excitement.

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