Sunday, May 31, 2015

Going Big with Regrouping Big Numbers

I know its the end of the year. 
I only have 5 teaching days left + a fun day at the water park + an awards assembly + a kinder graduation = 8 days!
But there's still learning to be done!
And Last week I had a handful of kids that still have trouble with regrouping. 
Some just don't see that difference between the one and zero from that ten (which is a one and a zero). I know it's a number sense understanding thing, 
so with 11 days of school left I tried something new. 
I made a giant tens/ones mat for the floor, 
cut up egg cartons into 10 frames
 and took out the tub of unifix cubes.
And we started building!
I noticed that my littles could do fine with the 10-frames and they could make 10 with unifix cubes
but switching to place value blocks (rods and cubes) just totally put them over the edge.
So I combined what they knew and were used to and we started from scratch...
We counted 82 blocks by putting them into 10-frames (egg cartons).
Yes, it took a lot of time, but these are still very concrete learners, so you gotta let them.
Then we made rods by joining the 10 cubes in each egg carton together and moving them to the "tens" side of the mat. They now started 'seeing' the 1-ten, 2-ten, 3-ten...8-tens!
Then when we added more, we went through the same process and then counted the ones left over.

Since that seemed to work I started working with my littles who were having difficulty with regrouping in subtraction.
 So after building the number 74,
they 'saw' that they needed to get some blocks in order to subtract.
It finally made sense to them that they could just take what they need from the tens side,
"cuz it wouldn't be a ten anymore!"
So they broke up 1-ten and put it back into the 10-frame egg carton
and then they could 'take-away' 48 or 4-tens and 8-ones.
I loved it when I heard, "This totally makes sense to me now!"
And it must have because they kept doing it over and over.
Simple and BIG sometimes does the trick.

Have you ever had one of those days that don't go as planned,
that there just seems to be one interruption after another?
Leaving no time now for reading groups?
So on Thursday I did Buddy reading with a twist.
Maybe some of you have already thought of this, 
but I always have them read the same book and take turns.
So this time
I buddied them up outside of their reading groups and they had to read each other the story from their basel readers. Lows reading with highs, 
highs reading to lows and middles...
They loved it and they were discussing the story
Just wanted share a little 
Hope you are having a good end of the year.

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