Saturday, June 27, 2015

I Am NOT the only Container-holic !??

I admit it! I seriously need help.
 I am a Container-holic!! 
Especially in the summer.
I cannot pass up plastic containers...
big, small, tall, skinny, with lids, without lids, etc.
And if it comes in colors, OMG!, I have to get more than one color.
I don't even have a plan for many of them.
But potential! I see a lot of potential
If I wait, well we all know what happens...
They will be GONE!
Here's the story this week.
I went to target to get 1 thing. ONE thing!
and I passed the Dollar (aka now the $1 to $3) Spot.
with chalkboard labels
and look at that nice aqua color!
and the lighter green than last year.
So I had to get them
But now I need at least 4 or 5 more of those aqua ones to make a group!
Meanwhile I also saw these Dry Erase clear Pockets (which last year I ended up needing a few more for a class set). So I bought 6 orange ones in case I needed to color group them.
 And the sentence puzzle game (center activity) 
and look at that cute little polka dotted bucket,
 (which you can never have too many of!)
 Pencil die cuts for my writing folders (saving ink this year)
Grade book for $1 (also great for check lists like homework, field trip money...)
The US map is actually for my friend who is moving to 3rd. This map has the US capitals on it so I thought it would be useful.
Okay the continuing saga of the containers.
I then stopped at 2 more Targets looking for those Aqua bins (remember I only have 1 of the 5 that I need want) with no luck.
Then I remembered the posting from Miss Kindergarten about her Early Finisher's Center.
She had the cutest 2-drawer containers which she got at JoAnne's Fabric. 
From MissKindergarten
So I stopped. They didn't have the nice, bright colors, but they had black and I knew I could brighten them up
But not at $29.99!
I looked and found a 60% off coupon,  and excitedly went to make my purchase for only one with the plan of finding another coupon. BUT I couldn't use the coupon because it was already on sale for $17.99.
Okay I thought, I can always return it.
Back to my car and off to one more Target Store near my house,
Still looking for 5 more aqua color bins!
And no bins BUT found these at $7.99 each!
 Not crazy about the ridges but loved the price. Bought the 2 that I needed and went back around the block and returned the black one to JoAnne's.
Time to go home, however I was passing the $1 Store, where I had not been to since the week before school was out (which was 2 weeks ago). Decided I needed to just check in.
I'm afraid they will close if I don't come by regularly.
And yes I found these PERFECT little bins for some small center games.
They are 7.5" X 5.5" with the clip lock handles. They will hold a half sheet of paper for recording and pencils or markers if needed, or scissors and glue and have it all contained without having a big box taking up shelf space. (I have no shelf space. In fact I have a small room with very little space.)

So there you have it!
I know I am NOT the only one.
Container-holics Unite and we will organize the world.
I am still looking for 5 Aqua Plastic File bins...come on Target...Please get some more!


  1. I have the same container illness you do!! I just blogged about the same file bins and turquoise is my fave! ! I gotta get more! One year i needed 22. I got tired of waiting in my Target, so i drove to three towns until i got them all. I hope you find all you need!

    1. Julie thanks for letting me know I'm not alone! LOL. I tried calling different Target stores, but I get the feeling that they don't understand and are definitely not understanding the seriousness of the situation. Good luck with your collection, too.

  2. I totally got 3 of those chalkboard bins a few weeks ago! (no turquoise, sorry) And 4 more baskets. And some fun toys that can be tossed around in class to encourage more participation. And God knows what else. All I know is I went into Target to PICK UP shoes that I ALREADY paid for. And walked out having spent $100. That store is dangerous for teachers....

    1. You are so right! BTW what fun toys did you get? Were they in the $1 spot?