Friday, August 14, 2015

DIY Project Birthday

Do you do treat bags for birthdays?
How do you store them? This was my dilemma.
I am a Summer Birthday and I always missed out in celebrating my birthday with my class. So I make a big deal about birthdays in my class. Everyone celebrates! And Summer Birthday kids use their half birthdays. (Makes a great teaching lesson on fractions or even showing that counting the months doesn't have to start at January)

At the beginning of the school year I make up all my birthday treats bags and store them in a clear plastic box. And put them in the closet. It would get buried, or forgotten. But it was too ugly to leave out on the shelf. So this year I decided to jazz it up to this!
No, I didn't decorate a plastic tub, but isn't it unsightly?
I started with this box that came from a friend.
It is a cardboard box with a flip lid and has a magnet closure.
I decided it would be great to repurpose it since the green does not fit with my home decor.
I started with some contact paper. 
I happened to have some left over rolls of these complementary colors and designs.
I covered the top with one long piece, 
starting at the bottom, up the back, across the top and a little beyond the front flap.
Key tip #1: Cut either a little less along the edge or make it big enough to fold under.
If you cut it exactly to the edge, the contact paper will eventually begin to pull up.
In the front I went about an inch longer, snipped the curve and folded it under.
For the sides,  I made a long strip and wrapped it around.
Key tip #2: Peel back small amounts at a time and push from the middle out.
If you do end up with a trapped air bubble, 
use a pin to make a small hole and then rub over the bubble.
Using double sticky tape, I applied cut outs, stickers, and ribbon.
I then went back and covered the top with clear contact paper to "laminate" 
the top and protect the stickers.
Finally I added dots and lines of glitter glue and rhinestones for some bling!
Here are my treat bags. 
Contents: A Sticker Badge "It's My Birthday", lots of little stickers, Birthday pencils,
bookmark, and a couple of party favors. (I don't do food due to food allergies).
I think it looks a lot better on my shelf, now.
No more closet hiding.

Contact Paper is so easy to transform anything. 
I have done a complete 5' bookcase with wood grain paper 
and people thought I had stripped it and refinished it. Ha!
Just go slow peeling and don't stretch it.
I hope this encourages you to try contact paper when you are 
repurposing an item.

Last I want to share a Target $1 spot find.
Aren't these the cutest! 
I'm going to use them for my Sharp Pens/Sharpen Pencils holders.
And those clips...well just had to get.

Back to school frenzy!

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