Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Centuplicated Day

We are 100 Days Smarter!

It has been a crazy, busy month! Valentines Day, President's Day, One Hundred's Day, Peer Observations, Book Character Day, and ending with Parent Teacher Conferences! Whew! I'm going to enjoy having 2 "normal" weeks before we start Saint Patrick's Day then Easter. I teach at a Christian school so Easter is a BIGGie and I love it.

I did want to share some of our 100 day.
We started off our busy day with some Elderly visitors, who kept up with all the activities, canes and all! For some reason none of the boys dressed up, but then were very upset that they didn't.

We spent the morning making our hundred day crowns. First we applied 100 jewels stickers to 10 strips of fine velvet construction paper and attached them to band of finest gold sentence strip. I was so glad to have 2 parents show up to help.
Throughout the day we gathered 100 hundred words. It started quite slow. They didn't know where to "get" words. I kept telling them that there words were everywhere, all around the room, that they weren't looking for word cards that I had posted. They asked,
"Can we look on the wall?"  Yes.
"Can we look on the posters?"  Yes.
"Can we look in books?"   YES!
Someone finally said, WOW There are words everywhere!"
(Scary isn't it. I wonder what they've been looking at all year?)

We also counted to 100 by 2's, 5's and 10's. Of course we counted by 1's and then back again. We played Spinning for 100 from 1st Grade Hip Hip Hooray by counting on by 10s.

After lunch we began making our
100-Day Trail Mix. They were allowed to pick 10 items to be placed into their (by handfuls I might add) and taken to their desk. Once at their desk they sorted the items in groups on ten.  All ten items or 10 each went into their bag.

But Don't worry they had plenty left in their bowls to enjoy munching on while we made our 100 year old Portraits.
Once we drew the faces and glued the face and shirt on, Parents helped add on the extra bling and accessories.

It was a great day!

 Only 73 more days to go!
Well that was then...Now it's 66 days left!
Don't just sit there...

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