Saturday, August 20, 2016

Back to School Giveaway

It is Back to School Time!
I start Teacher work week on Monday!

But meanwhile I have some give aways to help TWO -
Yes, 2 of my followers get a jump start
for their Back 2 School planning.

I have  a $10.00 Gift certificate to Teachers Pay Teachers to give away!
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Good Luck!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Year of Super Heroes! and a freebie!

It is the year of Super Heroes!!
and I have jumped in with my littles on this craze. Over the years I have noticed that while girls are more accepting of any classroom theme, boys are a more indifferent. When I was in 5th grade I began doing a detective/ CSI theme. Boys loved it! So when I moved back to 1st, I decided to keep it. It has not been bad, but I haven't had the enthusiasm that I wanted. Last year, there was a lot of buzz about super heroes and so I tried a few things and YES! both the boys and girls loved it.
So I am changing to Super Heroes. 

 And since I am teach at a Christian School I am a little outside of the popular realm with
"Jesus is my Super Hero", but it works for us.

My 1st purchase was this clock from Hobby Lobby. Problem was that the hands blend in with the POW and I couldn't tell which hand was which. UH-OH! Could be a problem!

Solution: I painted the hands different colors. No picture, its at school.

   Next I have changed my C.L.U.E. Binder to a H.E.R.O. binder. I like this little cutie from Creative Clips.   And course the boys have one too.
Today I finished up my Christian Character Traits Unit based on Galatians 5:22-23 The Fruits of the Spirit. I added a little "Hero" touch to it by referencing the Bible person picked for each trait as a Super Hero. You know David and Goliath...
So of course I included Badges that can be earned when you see someone demonstrating one of the Fruit of the Spirit Traits.
And there is a Badge Book to store them.
And I have also included brag tags! 
or PAT Tags!
 I don't like the name Brag Tags because I think we should be proud of what we accomplish but not brag about it. If we are bragging, we are not being encouraging to those around us. 
I know there is a fine line here, between being proud and bragging,
but while I'm trying to get little 6 and 7 year olds to understand the difference 
I don't think I should reward them with 'Bragging' rights with a BRAG tag.
I give out PAT tags.
Personal Accomplishment Tags
I praise them for their accomplishments and how hard they worked for it.
Everyone claps and they have their moment.
They are beaming, quietly at their seat.

If you are teaching about traits, and are interested in my "PAT" tags I have a freebie to offer you.
I'm going to hopefully figure out how to load it for you.

 It is from this set.

Here is the FREEBIE!
for your little peace makers.


Friday, August 5, 2016

Hi Friends,

I am going crazy with summer almost over and 3 weeks until teacher work week!  I'm looking around at all the things I was going to accomplish this summer! Ha!  I have 3 nephews getting married between June and August and my son is getting married in October. Much to do and lots of showers as well spending my off time with my 2 1/2 yr old granddaughter. It has been a busy summer but I have gotten to a few things on my list, and now its hustle time.
I didn't make it the Teachers pay Teachers' conference this year (BooHoo!) but my school did send me to the I Teach 1st Conference! I had a great time and was able to get geared up and excited for a new year. On Monday I took 2 classes from Tamara from Mrs. Russell's Room on reading and writing.  My big take aways were: Mentor Text is important to use for examples and modeling and Teach with the end in Mind. That made so much sense in being able to build a systematic lesson and breaking it down. I also love her Phonic Assessment units. So helpful for targeting gaps with my new little firsties.
Reagan Tunstall & Me
On Tuesday  and Wednesday, I basically stalked spent time with Reagan Tunstall If you haven't visit her blog, Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits it is a treasure trove of ideas and how to's. Oh, she has been one of my go to people when I need help. I can't even begin to tell you what my BIG take away is. I did come home and organized all my math activities and games, labeled them and put them in monthly boxes. [Well I am done with the 1st two months!]
It was so great meeting and talking with her in person.

While we were there I treated my husband to Reba/Brooks and Dunn's concert.
Of course I could only afford the seat in the rafters. BUT ....
when we showed them our tickets and asked for directions...
They upgraded us to the 2nd tier, right in front of the stage! And NO ONE sat in front of us, which is important when you are short like me. He was so excited! We had such a good time pretending we could afford those seats! LOL Thank you, Lord.
Currently I am in the middle of painting clothes pins. This is crazy!! I usually dye them with food coloring or Ritz dye and they come out bright and nice. I think the clothespins are of less quality this year because I did the same thing I always do, but they came out so brownish. I couldn't even tell the difference between the yellow, orange, and red.
You can sure see the difference
I just couldn't, that's right could N-O-T! use those ugly ones. 
So I am painting all them with acrylic paint.

Last but not least. Thank you to all of you that found my little shop, 
 left a comment or even nicer, 
made a purchase.
 I have been updating my phonic "Teaches the Difference" series. Make sure you check and get the updates. I'm working on my Short Vowels and Long Vowels Unit, which I took away for awhile.
If you purchased it way back when, you will be able to download it with all new stuff.
It is worth waiting for. 
Stay tuned. and hang onto summer while you can!