Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Year of Super Heroes! and a freebie!

It is the year of Super Heroes!!
and I have jumped in with my littles on this craze. Over the years I have noticed that while girls are more accepting of any classroom theme, boys are a more indifferent. When I was in 5th grade I began doing a detective/ CSI theme. Boys loved it! So when I moved back to 1st, I decided to keep it. It has not been bad, but I haven't had the enthusiasm that I wanted. Last year, there was a lot of buzz about super heroes and so I tried a few things and YES! both the boys and girls loved it.
So I am changing to Super Heroes. 

 And since I am teach at a Christian School I am a little outside of the popular realm with
"Jesus is my Super Hero", but it works for us.

My 1st purchase was this clock from Hobby Lobby. Problem was that the hands blend in with the POW and I couldn't tell which hand was which. UH-OH! Could be a problem!

Solution: I painted the hands different colors. No picture, its at school.

   Next I have changed my C.L.U.E. Binder to a H.E.R.O. binder. I like this little cutie from Creative Clips.   And course the boys have one too.
Today I finished up my Christian Character Traits Unit based on Galatians 5:22-23 The Fruits of the Spirit. I added a little "Hero" touch to it by referencing the Bible person picked for each trait as a Super Hero. You know David and Goliath...
So of course I included Badges that can be earned when you see someone demonstrating one of the Fruit of the Spirit Traits.
And there is a Badge Book to store them.
And I have also included brag tags! 
or PAT Tags!
 I don't like the name Brag Tags because I think we should be proud of what we accomplish but not brag about it. If we are bragging, we are not being encouraging to those around us. 
I know there is a fine line here, between being proud and bragging,
but while I'm trying to get little 6 and 7 year olds to understand the difference 
I don't think I should reward them with 'Bragging' rights with a BRAG tag.
I give out PAT tags.
Personal Accomplishment Tags
I praise them for their accomplishments and how hard they worked for it.
Everyone claps and they have their moment.
They are beaming, quietly at their seat.

If you are teaching about traits, and are interested in my "PAT" tags I have a freebie to offer you.
I'm going to hopefully figure out how to load it for you.

 It is from this set.

Here is the FREEBIE!
for your little peace makers.


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