About Me


Welcome and thank you for visiting. 

Although I am so an introvert, 
do like meeting new friends and hanging out.
So I hope you will come by often and leave a little note to say you were here.

So who am I? My name is Pauline.

I currently teach 1st grade.

I began in Kindergarten.
Then moved to First grade (3 years).
Moved up to Second (8 years).
Moved to Fifth! (Oh quite a jump!!)
Moved and subbed for awhile
and I am now at a wonderful Christian School and teaching first grade again!

I am married to a wonderful man who gets that 
teaching is a life style and not a job.
I have two grown kids and a brand new granddaughter, my first!

These are a few of my favorite things.....

Lattes...hot or iced, no fraps for me! 
Mochas, Pumpkin Spice in the fall and Peppermint Mochas at Christmas
Reading, Crafting, Scrapbooking
Walking on the beach
Meeting up with friends
Spending time with family!

If I weren't a TEACHER, what would I want to be?

I have been fortunate to have tried many things and have had 3 careers,
but they all had some component of teaching! 
So I guess that was meant to be.
BUT I love creating and the one thing I did not follow was my love of designing.
Maybe it's not too late...

Three little words that describe me.

Loyal, creative, organized

You get to pick one superpower. What is it?

No Sleep Needed The ability to recharge and keep going
The Ever Ready Rabbit
(Sleep seems to be such a waste of time when there are so many things I want to do!)

What is your favorite quote or saying?

Are you a Morning Person or a Night Owl?

Definitely A Night Owl

1 comment:

  1. Hi Pauline--I use to teach with you at Tri-City Christian school! (1999-2001) I was so surprised when I saw your name on TPT. It is good to know that God is still using you in the teaching career.
    I have a question. Our school has the detective theme this year, so I would like to purchase your calendar detective theme--but I see that it goes from 2013-2016. Is there an update available? Thank you!
    It was good to see your smiling face again. I still keep in contact with Virginia Rowzee who taught 2nd grade with me.
    Pam Chinn